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Terry-ClarkTerry Clark has been a lawyer since 1977. He took his undergraduate degree at McMaster University and graduated from the University of Toronto Law School in 1975.

After his call in 1977, Terry worked in the City Solicitor’s Office at the City of Mississauga until 1981, working solely in the area of Municipal Law and Land Development.

Building upon this background of Land Development law, the bulk of Terry’s practice is in the areas of Commercial Real Estate, the development of Residential and Industrial lands and the corporate security work related to these areas. His ongoing work includes the processing of several industrial and residential subdivisions and the legal work relating to the industrial and commercial holdings of his clients, including the security work with financial institutions involved in these projects. Terry also carries on both substantial Residential Real Estate practice, as well as a Wills and Estates practice. He works along with his  clerk Sonja Syme, on the Real Estate portion of his practice, and with his clerk, Eleanor Mairs, on the Wills and Estates portion of his practice.