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Pranay Shah

I retained the services of John Lockhart when a real estate deal I was involved with went bad. Mr. Lockhart was a very calming presence whom I was able to contact with ease. He took my calls and met with me and he explained my options clearly so that I could understand fully. He acted quickly and we achieved a speedy result. I feel very comfortable with Mr. Lockhart and trust his advice to be sound. I would and have recommended Mr. Lockhart to friends and colleagues. ... Read more

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Buying a Home – FAQs

When you buy a home, it is likely the largest purchase that you will make in your lifetime. In those circumstances, the last thing that you need is to discover that there is a problem that will make the sale of your home or the refinancing of your home difficult in the future. This could happen in many ways and is one of our major responsibilities as your solicitors to make sure that you get good title to your property. ... Read more

Buying a New Home from a Builder

I frequently get asked by clients to outline the differences between a purchase of a resale home and a purchase of a new home from a Builder.

From a legal point of view, the most significant difference is the Agreement of Purchase and Sale itself. In other words, the contract is the difference. The contract in the purchase of a resale home is one your real agent will go over with you and one that has many traditional answers pursuant to the law that has developed around that Agreement. ... Read more

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