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Buying a Home – FAQs

When you buy a home, it is likely the largest purchase that you will make in your lifetime. In those circumstances, the last thing that you need is to discover that there is a problem that will make the sale of your home or the refinancing of your home difficult in the future. This could happen in many ways and is one of our major responsibilities as your solicitors to make sure that you get good title to your property. ... Read more

Wills – FAQs

Who can be an Executor?
An Executor is the person named in the Will to carry out the instructions in the Will. Anyone who is eighteen or over and is of sound mind can be an Executor. The Executor can be a beneficiary. You can have more than one Executor. Try to choose Executors who will be competent and available to do the job and will not have a possible conflict between their responsibilities and their personal wishes. In Ontario, an Executor is officially called an “Estate Trustee”. ... Read more